“Thank you for your positivity and; for the immeasurable joy you bring to people like me, Ms B. Your existence really gives me hope. Thank YOU:)” – Chloé via Twitter @greendiarist

“When I look at your pictures, I feel like there is another world out there, a beautiful world, that is perfect for that brief moment between when your shutter snaps open and closes. They make me happy. Keep up the good work!” – EpiHackr (blogger)

“Wow. Your energy and love for life is inspiring. Reading this most definitely positively affected my day :). All the philosophical and existential themes that excite me all come back to a focus on the moment. The fleeting fraction of time that separates our continuous reality from our memory. And your blog is pursuing one of the best moments. The feeling when you are so happy that the only thing to do with the energy is jump. Jump for joy; jump for life. Jump to remember the beauty of the world. Continue what you’re doing, because you are making an impact in the world!” – tonotmissthebliss

“I came across your Jump for Joy project a few months ago and I found it really great and inspiring! I appreciate creative projects like this and I also believe in and support the shift to a positive thinking and a happy life.” – Arminda Arsoi (psychologist from Romania)

“You always choose such beautiful quotes here! The way you spread the joy is so distinct, so transparent, so real. Just thank you for being out there and sharing what you share in the way you do and do so well. You truly are a living example – and I love it.” – “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman. It is impossible to not feel it when real. Just … Thank You.” Solaz

“This is just amazing. Looking at your photographs has instantly put a smile on my face, here alone at home. They successfully capture joy and inspire. I most certainly will follow your adventures (with admiration and perhaps a tinge of jealousy, haha) and share with my circles. Well done.” – Marika

“thank you for sharing your project with the world! I think that is exactly what the world and the human hearts are jumping inside to really act out. To jump for the joy itself already imbedded, inherent in us, in whatever way comes perfect – it’s there, closer than our own legs, we cannot really do anything about that, can’t we 🙂 But to really see it, feel it, live it, share it, be it – that is something we can do about!!! We are that, and why not be that joy, that vivid, flourishing light, now, in this very moment?! It’s really beautiful what you do, thank you. It just makes me glad to know that the project exists, breathes and breathes. Enjoy whatever you do, however you do! – Sofia Norman via email (Sweden)

Garret P Vreeland of DANGEROUSMETA! writes about:
JUMP FOR JOY! Photo Project: Interview with Lilou Mace in Kauai, Hawaii 2012

“Eyoalha has perfectly captured the effervescence of the human spirit with her jump campaign. The sheer joy, combined with display of athletic power lends an aura of power and sovereignty to her subjects. One could not ask for more.” – Joseph Pallant, President & CEO CPS Carbon Project Solutions Inc., Vancouver

“Eyoälha is one of the most creative and well rounded people I have had the pleasure of working with. During our time at Capilano we had the pleasure of participating on the same team projects and initiatives. She was also the creative voice and brought to the team a voice of reason.” – Kelly Wong, CFO Kinh Do Corporation, Vietnam

“Eyoalha is an extremely talented photographer and has a fantastic eye for creating beautiful images. She makes photo shoots so much fun and makes you feel relaxed and completely your joyful self! If you have a chance to work with her or provide funds for any of her projects I encourage you to jump at it!” – Stefany Mathias, Los Angeles

“Eyoalha is a talented and inspired artist dedicated to lifting the spirit through art. Her Jump for Joy project has produced not only beautiful photographs, but also raises awareness of the unifying longing for joy that can create social and cultural bridges between all people.” – Bonny Casel, School of Natural Medicine, California

“Eyoalha is a creative and passionate photographer. Through her work she captures the essence of the human spirit; revealing emotion, energy and personality. She is fun and lighthearted, and her kind and gentle nature make others feel at ease.” – Steffanie Warriner, Vancouver

“Eyoalha is a wonderful photographer. Her artistry has the ability to capture beautiful, unique, magical aspects of life. Her photographs evoke joy and awe for the human spirit.” – Catherine Oxenberg, Los Angeles

“Eyoalha Baker is without a doubt one of the most tenacious individuals I have ever met. Her enthusiasm for her work and new challenges is admirable and her ability to set and meet goals is impressive. I would recommend her for employment with forward thinking individuals and companies who welcome new ideas.” – Ingrid Jones, PoorButSexy Magazine

“Eyoalha Baker is a talented photographer and artist. Her love for her work and the enthusiasm with which she approaches her projects is inspiring. Her positive attitude for the photo shoot put us at ease and allowed for beautiful results in the photos. Eyoalha is deeply creative and a true joy to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend Eyoalha Baker’s photography services.” – Taraneh King, Vancouver

“Such an awesome evening we had jumping for joy. Thanks so much Eyoalha you are a true artist who make people happy. l really loved it l can’t wait to do it again….AMAZINNNGGGG” – Maximiliano Horvat, Vancouver

“So much Fun!!!!!!!!! Thank you. You’re the most fun photographer ever!!” – Alli Warnyca, Vancouver

“Eyoälha! Thanks for starting such an incredible project. I love the diversity and beauty within all of your shots and encourage everyone who’s out there reading to check out your project for a daily pick-me-up. The photo that’s featured in my post of the group all simultaneously jumping together is one of my favorites. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with and glad we’re in this community together!” Mel

“You’re amazing. Your enjoyment was absolutely awe-inspiring. It’s an honor to be included in your project and vision. You have my full support.” Christopher – Los Angeles, CA

“I love this idea. Seriously. I’m pretty sure there is no happier photo than a jumping photo..” Erin – Hawaii

“Beeing photographed by Eyoälha is just a great pleasure! Besides that she is a beautiful soul and you always enjoy her company. She has this unique gift of taking very special pictures. Exciting framing, and an awesome sense to catch the right moment and most of all her beautiful way of giving in so much positive energy to make you feel comfortable and relaxed – which as in my case is not easy 🙂 she makes it just such an awesome experience. I want more of that pleas ! xoxo” Alissa – Berlin, Germany

“Wonderful just wonderful…. I love your Art!” Dona Esra – Berlin, Germany

“I am a BIG fan of yours threw – YB – i would love to be a part of one of your projects – I’m Florida and i bet i can get a big group from an Amazing town called Dunedin and or my work force team from Coca Cola in Tampa-please send me info on your links – LOVE YOUR WORK” Freddie Cruze – Florida, USA

“I studied and taught photography in Europe – your work is excellent.” – Ericha

“you are simply bright. you work is stunning ! i love to look at your pictures…always inspiring. thank you” Juliane Berlin – Germany

“I love your website, the photos are very interesting. i like your perspective :)” Renee – North Vancouver, Canada

“Dear Eyoälha, your photos are amazing. It’s very lovely and so much fun being photographed by you. Thank you and keep on capturing beautiful moments” Mohamed – Berlin, Germany

“Just wanted to say that I really enjoy seeing all your Jumping for Joy pictures. I know you get tonnes of compliments already, but I thoroughly enjoy seeing new photo’s updated and the updates that you have on the blog.” Maike – Vancouver, Canada

“Fantastic photo art…love it!” my mom – Canada


  1. Hi what a fabulous idea – hope it becomes a global phenomenon.and thanks for visiting my blog


  2. I simply love all these jumping shots. Indeed what joy! I thank you for signing up to follow my blog. My addiction to joy must have prompted the move 🙂 Will be back here often.


  3. Wonderful images! Thanks for checking out my blog– or I would never have seen yours. Here’s a fun in inspirational challenge for you– find someone in a wheelchair who’s willing to go airborne. Also get some amputees. There might be a double amputee who’s willing to do a handstand jump for you– the arm strength people develop when they lose legs is huge beyond what we can imagine– until we see it.


  4. Such a great project… I will follow with interest. I will try to post photos of birds jumping (I get these photos more often than you would think). And thanks for following!


  5. This is a really nice initiative you have taken. Looking at your photographs instils a kind of desire to make the best of the moment – to live in the moment. The quotes you choose are also inspiring! 🙂 Glad to have come across your blog…


  6. Great shots I’ve seen so far: an attitude to share – at ease in the air-
    Sometimes my friends and I lose grip or a toe slips or run out of enough energy to make it to the top of a Rock Climb project. We are always safety roped with harnesses (unlike hikers that try climbing something out of their ability, with zero gear) and make every attempt to stay focused and balanced for the fall we may take.


  7. What great pics! Loved the one of the dog watching the owner jump. Photo caption… Dog says, “WTF?” Great message to about joy and going with life. 😉


  8. The “Book” has arrived. Lartque did his in 3D (stereoopticon) Halsman in Black and White. I’d love to see you exploew both. My father was raised in Vancouver so I’m following your bacgrounds avidly. I studied it. I earned my living with it. I taught it.In old age I live with it. I love it. Both photography and life. Shalom


  9. Hi Eyoälha

    Here is the thing, I can’t jump, not yet anyway. A serious ‘old’ back injury problem. But, I was amazed at your project and at the emphasis on JOY! I have been living my life in JOY, daily, inspired by ‘the Secret’ videos. I have been a partaker for at least 2 years. Amazing stuff keeps happening to me, I am starting to work on purging old beliefs that I was ever a victim. This has so many implications…

    I understand you are very busy! I am also busy, both day and nighttime, studying, designing, developing websites, but would love to chat/email sometime.

    Thanks for the unexpected JOY!


  10. How uplifting! Each photo made me smile. I love your project. I must confess that at first glance, I thought you were jumping over a bull, not a dog, in one of the photos. Still impressive, but not as dangerous!

    Thank you for following 1950 Suburban Adventures. I hope ‘Turtle Thief’ and ‘Squishy Foot and Monkeys’ reciprocate the enjoyment you’ve given me.


  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    I love this! Did you ever see the video of the Danish interviewer trying to get Margaret Thatcher to “take a little jump up in the air”? She wouldn’t do it….very funny, like a Monty Python skit.

    Your blog is an instant smile-inducer!


  12. I feel happy on your page and so does everyone else
    Have a happy day
    Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall


  13. great site!
    I just posted pictures of my daughter and I jumping this morning. This is something i’ve been enjoying doing for some time now because I see it as a great moment of happiness.Then I started reading your blog and your sources of inspiration. It’s funny because I read the Miguel Ruiz books and my sister is a self made therapist here in France… anyhow, nice coincidence 🙂


  14. I love the concept for your blog!! Jump for joy….what could be more fun and childlike? Your photos are so creative…I especially love the one of your mother. You’ve just brought a little more joy into my life. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to keeping in touch.


  15. you know (life, box of chocolates, & all) — as a lady said to Forrest Gump (something like): “you sure did a lot of running!” — well, YOU SURE DO A LOT OF JOYFUL JUMPING PHOTOS! i ain’t never see’d so many!


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