Afternoon jumping joy photo – Mackenzie Moen!

Loved this day of waterfall jumping joy in the stunning nature of Kawai, Hawaii. Have a fabulous day!

Afternoon Jump for joy photo – Tony Tsaugrianis!

Artist ENSOE – Tony Tsaugrianis jumping for joy in front of his paintings which were on display at the Waterfall … More

Jump for joy photo of the day – Caz Andrews! January 10. 2013

Jumping for joy above a waterfall in Kauai, Hawaii 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

Afternoon jumping joy photo – Mackenzie Moen!

This was such a fun day… cliff jumping beside a waterfall in the jungle of Hawaii. Enjoy your afternoon!

Jump photo of the day – Mackenzie Moen! October 13, 2012

This was such a special day of playing and jumping for joy around this waterfall in Kauai, Hawaii.. as well … More

Afternoon jumping joy with Mackenzie Moen and Cassim ‘Caz’ Andrews!

Incredible jumping fun with Mackenzie and Cassim who brought me down a short hike to a great waterfall and natural … More