Jump, Jump :) It’s me again #jumpforjoyphoto by @eyoalha

Another one of my selfie jumps – just me and my camera timer šŸ™‚ I took this one a while … More

It’s me! Celebrating spring in Vancouver with some selfie jumping joy :) @eyoalha

When spring hits in Vancouver, the city comes to life… it’s a beautiful time to celebrate and get out and … More

A selfie jumping joy from me to you! @eyoalha October 11, 2014

Another one of my selfie jumping joy adventures.. jumping around is fun šŸ™‚ The clothes I’m wearing here were styled … More

Jumping joy from me to you! Selfie jumping joy photo by @eyoalha October 5, 2014

From a recent set of selfie jumping joy photos I did in Vancouver BC Canada. Always fun to play and … More

Selfie #jumpforjoy photo by @eyoalha! September 4, 2014

This was sort of an outtake while I was taking selfies for the Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural but … More

This is me, EyoƤlha selfi jumping joy photo! March 9, 2014

Entertaining myself jumping around on a cold, crisp day in Vancouver BC Canada. Have a wonderful day!

#43 Birthday – Jump for joy selfie :) @eyoalha

I am jumping for joy today – I feel so grateful to be alive, to be healthy and to feel … More

Self-portrait jumping joy with me – EyoƤlha :) @eyoalha

Entertaining myself on a beautiful Sunday morning in Torrance, California. I love to play around and do selfi jumping photos … More