My jumping photo on the cover of LivingNow Magazine October 2012 issue :)

My jumping photo of the lovely Aliyah O’Brien jumping for joy in the West End of Vancouver, on the cover … More

My jumping photo of Mane Rayne and Foxx Cant in October Issue of LivingNow Magazine :)

My jumping photo of Mane Rayne an Foxx Cant on page 3, October Issue of Australian LivingNow Magazine 🙂

Published on page 4 photo September issue of LivingNow magazine :)

Last but not least, my photo of Katie Shaw jumping for joy in Griffith Park, Los Angeles on page 4 … More

LivingNow Magazine (page 3), September 2012 Issue :)

The online version of the Australian holistic magazine – LivingNow (this is page 3), September 2012 Issue is up and … More