Downtown Eastside Jump for Joy mural needs repairs by Emily Jackson Metro News Vancouver

Thank you Emily Jackson for your wonderful article in Metro News Vancouver about my efforts to save up and fix … More

Photos: 300 people jump for joy at the Downtown Eastside corner of Abbott and Pender by @tlupick @georgiastraight #art #dtes #mural #wallofjoy

Another fanstastic write up about the Wall of Joy mural I’ve just completed with the participation and support of many … More

In the news @24hrs : Wall of Happiness Returns to Vancouver Streets By Patrick Colvin @FreeOfViolence #streetart #Gastown

More news on the Wall of Joy Mural. I love that this article also shares the perspective of Janice Abbott, … More

Jump for Joy mural brings colour to Downtown Eastside – Metro News Vancouver by Emily Jackson #news #art #mural #Vancouver

Exciting week – The Wall of Joy Mural is finished and all over the news… I am overwhelmed by how … More

Whirlwind of jumping joy mural completion :) #jumpforjoymural #jumpmural #wallofjoy

Now that the Wall of Joy mural is done, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to passers by (and jumping … More

So close! The #jumpforjoymural is nearly done :) #gastown #Vancouver #publicart

I’m very close to being done the Wall of Joy mural 🙂 This has been such a great experience that … More

First day of #jumpforjoyphoto posters up on the wall corner Abbott and W Pender St.

First day of putting up posters is complete! This was the hardest part, should go a bit more smoothly from … More

#jumpforjoyphoto Mural update Aug. 6, 2013 – Ready to go… BUT 4 days of rain are around the corner #mural #jumpforjoy #gastown #dtes

Im all ready to go! I have the posters ready, the lift ready, I’ve patched the largest holes in the … More

Speaking with @jodyvance + @riazmeghji on @BT_Vancouver about creating a massive wall of JOY #vancouver

This is it! The last full day to contribute to the jump for joy photo mural. There are now only … More

Article about #jumpforjoyphoto mural – published in Chinese Magazine – Rise Weekly #Art

Jumping in this pic, the fabulous: Sunny Lenarduzzi Jumping in these pics, the amazing: Mark Brand, Fiona Forbes, Zen, Paula … More

The jump of the day is Peter Verge @itsthattalkshow w @b_solterbeck + @PeterVerge :) #jumpforjoy

I’ll be a guest on That Talk Show with Bianca Solterbeck and Peter Verge chatting about creating the new, gigantic … More

The race is on! Only 24 days left to raise funds, or no mural! @1800GOTJUNK @HeRecruits @sherecruits #Vancouver #art

The race is on! Only 24 more days left to raise funds, or no mural! Thanks to a few very … More

Everything is happening! Only 3 days in and mural is already funded – keep it coming, we can do this :) #jumpforjoy

Fundraising for the VANCOUVER JUMP FOR JOY PHOTO MURAL is on now! Today is day 3 of 30 and the … More

A new #Vancouver @JumpforJoyPhoto #Mural is in the works! Happy to announce partnership w @FreeOfViolence!!

It’s official! I’m making a new – even bigger – Vancouver jump for joy photo mural 🙂 Two weeks ago … More

#JumpforJoy may receive a Western Canada Notable Award @NotableCA

Hello! Im kind of excited to share that… I’ve been nominated for the Western Canada Notable Awards!?!?! ‪#‎NotableAwards‬ Wow, this … More

A few photos from the Vancouver Jump for Joy photo mural opening event <3

An incredible day celebrating the completion of the mural and sharing joy with participants, passers by and the local community … More

I Heart Monday Club: Eyoalha Baker by Makenzie Chilton

Love the way Makenzie wrote up this interview in a way that feels like a movie scene.. so cool 😉 … More

Before and After – the Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural

Before and After – The Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural completed by Eyoälha Baker on August 4th 2014. It … More

Jump for Joy! Photo Project Mural update July 26

Jump for Joy! Photo Project Mural update: After 2 full weeks of cutting and pasting together posters (usually 10-12 hrs … More

FAQ: When will the #jumpforjoyphoto mural be completed?

FAQ: When will Jump For Joy Photo mural be finished? A: My best guess: Im shooting to complete the Jump … More

#jumpforjoyphoto mural making update

JUMP FOR JOY MURAL UPDATE Over the next few days the printing of 165+ jump for joy photos enlarged to … More

SUCCESS! The Jump for JOY Photo mural is funded! #jumpforjoy

SUCCESS! The Kickstarter campaign is now finished and the Jump for JOY photo mural is funded! JUMP FOR JOY! THANK … More

Eyoälha Baker’s ‘Jump for Joy Photo Project’ – mural Photo of Vancouverites celebrating life to adorn Downtown Eastside building wall By Lisa Charleyboy, CBC News

In the news: Eyoälha Baker’s ‘Jump for Joy’ to become Vancouver mural Photo of Vancouverites celebrating life to adorn Downtown … More

Joyful Voice Community Choir jump for joy!

Yesterday I was invited to attempt a Jump for Joy Photo Shoot with Joyful Voice Community Choir with 70+ members. … More


Grateful for the support of the media for my Kickstarter campaign, already at 45% funded!! If you feel inspired by … More

Lets get this jump for joy mural project kickstarted! :)

*** As most of you may know… I’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a Jump for Joy! Photo large … More

Jump for JOY + Murality Kickstarter has begun! @jumpforjoyphoto @kickstarter #jumpforjoyphoto

Jump for Joy Photo Project + join forces! I am excited to announce an exciting art project that I … More

My first Fashion Editorial In Opalus Magazine, Jump for joy!

2014 Jump for Joy Calendars featured on Redbubble! @redbubble

I am excited to share that one of my 2014 Jump for Joy Photo Calendars is being featured on Redbubble! … More

that which brings us joy…

“To find those places, inside ourselves and in the world, where we belong, to find that for which we were … More

“My stomach STILL hurts from laughing all day!” – Fiona Forbes

A sweet, and unexpected blog post from the lovely Fiona Forbes about our jumping joy photo session… “…it was a … More

Im published in Travel Longer Magazine April 2013!

Cool… I have an article published in Travel Longer Magazine this month! Unfortunately, I can’t read it because I don’t … More

Happy to be featured in On Purpose Magazine today :)

I recently came came across On Purpose Magazine and thought it would be wonderful to be associated with this website. … More

Your kind support and generous donations…

Thank you for your kind support and generous donations which help make this project possible. I am raising funds to complete … More

Jump for Joy! Interview with Lilou Mace in Kauai, Hawaii 2012

Me being interviewed by the wonderful and inspiring Lilou Mace! We had such a great day together 🙂 We met … More

LILOU MACE WEB TV Interview with Jump for Joy! preview :)

An interview of me jumping around on the beach in Kauai, Hawaii with the lovely @liloumace will be posted tomorrow … More

My jumping photo of Mane Rayne and Foxx Cant in October Issue of LivingNow Magazine :)

My jumping photo of Mane Rayne an Foxx Cant on page 3, October Issue of Australian LivingNow Magazine 🙂

Help spread the JOY!

Thank you so much for your kind support and generous donations which help make this project possible. I am very … More

Big Island Volcano Village Lodge jumping adventure!

I have been loving my jumping adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii so far… the night I arrived I … More

Hawaii Big Island jumping photo adventure!

OK.. How cool is this… First, Im extending my stay in Kauai, Hawaii until October 3rd AND tomorrow I am … More

Jump photo of the day – Marc Andre and Taj Jure! September 23, 2012

Such a fantastic day… Marc Andre and Taj Jure jumping for joy on the beach in Kauai, Hawaii 🙂 A … More

Dolphins, turtles, jumps of joy and Taj Jure!

Today was incredible… I had an amazing jumping photo shoot with the gorgeous Taj Jure on the beach on Kauai … More

Jump photo of the day – Bella! September 16, 2012

This was my last shoot in Vancouver yesterday before heading off to Kauai, Hawaii today (Im sitting the Vancouver airport … More

Jumping for joy in Kauai, Hawaii: September 16-26! :)

I am ecstatically jumping for joy right now! Just booked the flight… I am going to be jumping for joy … More

Published on page 4 photo September issue of LivingNow magazine :)

Last but not least, my photo of Katie Shaw jumping for joy in Griffith Park, Los Angeles on page 4 … More

My photo on page 10 – LivingNow Magazine September 2012 issue :)

Page 10 – LivingNow Magazine This is a photo taken of the lovely Makenzie Chilton and her red balloons which … More

LivingNow Magazine (page 3), September 2012 Issue :)

The online version of the Australian holistic magazine – LivingNow (this is page 3), September 2012 Issue is up and … More

LivingNow Magazine Jump for Joy! cover photo for September 2012

I am excited to share the LivingNow Magazine Jump for Joy! cover photo for the September 2012 issue, which I … More

Jumping photo shoot bookings – LA and Vancouver!

Hello everyone in Los Angles and Vancouver…. I will be in Los Angeles only until July 19, 2012, then will … More

What is all the jumping about?

As you may notice if you look through my blog.. I love jumping photos!..I love the joy and child-like playfulness … More

Post your own Jumping Photos here:

I just started a new facebook page for this project! I have had quite a few people either send in … More

Ahbyah Baker jumping for Joy..

Todays Jumping photo has extra personal meaning for me… this is photo is my little sister Ahbyah Jumping for Joy! … More

Rachel’s Rantings in Rio

Beautiful write up in the Blog Rachel’s Rantings in Rio by my dear friend Rachel Loerch supporting my Jump for … More

Hello world! Self-portrait jump photo by Eyoälha Baker

Welcome to the official blog for Jump for Joy! International photo project. My vision is to create an art photo … More