Eyoälha Baker

Eyoälha Baker is a passionate artist, photographer, muralist, public speaker, writer, community engagement activator and the creative behind the Jump for Joy Photo Project.

Born on Canada’s West Coast, Eyoälha (Eee-YO-Lah) means the wind in the Kwakwa’ka’wakw (Kwakiutl) language. Traveling and living around the world from a young age has given her a great appreciation for cultural differences and human similarities.

Eyoälha has spent six years taking photographs of people from all walks of life, jumping into the air to capture their unique essence and joyful energy. She then shares the photos as features online and with the community through large-scale public art murals which have garnered international praise and inspired people worldwide. Her images and writing have been published internationally, she was the inaugural Artist in Residence at the Palm Springs Cultural Center, and has spoken about her work on numerous occasions, including TEDx, PeaceLove and Interesting Vancouver.

She holds a BFA with Honours from Concordia University, a Media Resources Diploma and attended LAMP International Business Management Program at Capilano University.

Self Portrait Eyoälha Baker

Artist Eyoälha Baker

Digital photography is one of my favourite mediums. I capture images that share how I see beauty in the world.

I’ve always been interested in photography, childhood included stacks of National Geographic’s and fashion magazines like Vogue / BAZAAR. I consider myself mostly self taught, through experimentation and play. more of my photography work can be seen at www.eyoalha.com

I fell in love with digital photography when I bought my first digital Canon Powershot camera- 3.2 megapixels in 2005. I was excited to experiment and play with light, motion, framing and to take hundreds of photos without concern of wasting costly film.. and it’s so instant. I love the instant gratification of seeing the images.

I loved that camera so much that I risked my life chasing down a thief (James Bond style) during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was lucky, I got it back with the help of some armed police officers who popped up once we had run through the crowd into a less populated street. I got my camera back and no one was harmed 🙂

I find immense joy in capturing the essence of the moment, documenting the beauty and movement in the spontaneity of life, also one of the reasons why I love jumping photos!

I believe in the positive effects of joy on society as a whole, and enjoy the creative collaboration between photographer and subject. Becoming a muralist, speaker, community engagement artist, published writer/photographer were things I never dreamed of or imagined I could achieve, they just organically happened through creating this project, which continues to morph and change every year. Please follow along on my jump for joy journey and discover along with me how it will all unfold.

More on why I decided to create Jump for Joy Photo Project, and Artist in Residence presentation.

More on why I decided to create Jump for Joy Photo Project, and Artist in Residence presentation in Palm Springs

TEDXEastVan Talk:

Jumping for Joy opened hearts and unified communities | Eyoälha Baker | TEDxEastVan

Telus Optic TV mini Doc filmed while creating the 9000 sq ft Vancouver Jump for Joy Mural
Telus Optic TV mini Doc filmed while creating my first Vancouver Jump for Joy Mural

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  1. Hi Eyoalha,

    Loveeee your space here. Jumping is like dancing or singing, always full of emotions. I am following you around in your journey now!!

    I should get my JUMPing pic clicked soon!!:)

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  2. Hi Eyoälha, Thank you for following my blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed yours. I love it that when I come here I can be challenged to allow the joy to seep through my pores. Each time I look at one of your pics I smile, and sheepishly think to myself, “You need to jump today!”

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  3. Well, first, thanks for the follow, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my thoughts as well as I on yours. (did that sentence make any sense?)
    You have been a busy girl! It’s always good to hang out with people who grab hold of life with both hands. Now I’m going to go leap somewhere!

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  4. Eyoälha, you are very creative and authentically you!! I like that you are so passionate about connecting like minded people, building people up and supporting them to succeed in what they love to do! Living an other centered life is a key to fulfillment!! –David

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  5. Hello there my friend!I would like to tell you that I have nominated you for the “Creative Blogger Award.” I truly think that you deserve it. I really like your blog and your creativity.You can check it out on my page at http://goodtimestories.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/a-heart-felt-thank-you/
    PLEASE keep up the good work.I hope that in some way that this award can encourage you in some way.
    Have an AWESOME day…youdeserve it!

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  6. ok young lady, I’ll try not to add to all the flattery, but you have an awesome sight. And after readng some of your stuff, I agree that you have a great outlook, and pics are very cool.

    Thanks again, and for interpreting your name-

    the nakedtruth2

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  7. Thank you for subscribing! Love your blog, the photos are beautiful! I like how you picture those people, respectfully, sensitively. They all look so fine and so innocent. Thank you for sharing your work.

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  8. Hi Eee-YO-Lah!! I am actually pronouncing it while typing it down. I do not know how or even why you found me….but let me tell you one thing, I was going to blog today about something that had been troubling me since a few months, keeping me upset and low but after I read your blog and your project….i felt amazing!! My sad story can wait another day or two but when you come across a feeling that you cannot explain but you know it’s close to pure joy and happiness, you just let it sink in….you close your eyes and breathe it in…..it changes your world for those moments until you can live that feeling 🙂 I plan to live these feelings for as long as I can 🙂 I am happy to have a follower, more happy to discover this –> “When you ask a person to jump, his attention is mostly directed toward the act of jumping and the mask falls so that the real person appears”…………..its great work and if it helps you just made one person jump for joy today 🙂

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  9. Hi, Eyoälha… I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for following my blog. Since I’m fairly new to the whole wordpress thing, I’m making a point of checking out all the blogs of people who’ve followed me and stopping by to say ‘hello’. So, hello! I love this project you got going on, such cool photos! With the little I know about photography, things in motions are the hardest things to get a good pic of. And yours all look GREAT! Keep it up =D

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  10. This is just amazing. Looking at your photographs has instantly put a smile on my face, here alone at home. They successfully capture joy and inspire. I most certainly will follow your adventures (with admiration and perhaps a tinge of jealousy, haha) and share with my circles. Well done.

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  11. Good for you chasing that boogerhead theif down in Rio De Janeiro. I don’t blame you one bit. I love my digital camera too and, like you said, that instant gratification of beautiful pictures without wasting any expensive film trying to get them.

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  12. Wow I am soo flattered to have recieved a follow from you! Especially after we just finished Puddle-Jumping, after the rain here in Ontario 😉 I look forward to reading through more of your posts and links! Thanks again!

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  13. Eyoälha, I nominated you today for the Interesting Blog Award. Your blog inspires me with every jump. Congrats!

    The rules for the award include:
    1. Thank the person who nominated you.
    2. List 5 random facts about yourself.
    3. Nominate a minimum of 5 blogs for the award.
    4. Answer the 5 questions and Ask the nominees 5 questions of your choice.
    5. And finally, let them know you have nominated them.

    My questions for you include:
    1. How do you handle transitions in life?
    2. Do you ever want to retreat into your own world?
    3. What are the three places that you have on your “must see” list of places to jump?
    4. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?
    5. How do you see us ending the horrible suffering in this world?

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  14. Thanks for the visit and your follow 🙂 I have many… but many pictures of jumps…if you need any, let me know! Seems that somewhere in Spain and Canada we came to the same idea, jumping and enjoying life!

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  15. I love this. Thanks for joining me in my journey to become a better writer. My two-year old daughter has taught me that almost everything better when there is a joyful jump. I am so glad that there are other adults who embrace a jumpful life. Blessings!

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  16. Thank you for the follow at Through The Cracked Window.

    I really like the “Jump” self portraits….so unique.


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  17. What a wonderful concept and a beautiful project. Thanks you for followig my blog and helping me discover your magic.
    any plans to jump in India? give us a shout!
    btw, i am the wind too 😉

    Cheers 🙂

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  18. hello there! im beyond flattered that you’ve chosen to follow my blog. you’re amazing photographer and i love the jump for joy project/concept. what a great way to view the world! im looking forward to seeing more jumping. 🙂

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