Get Naked in Nature! Uplift yourself, uplift others! Jump for Joy Photo Project

“Purity of heart is blooming the same colours in the middle of the wilderness when no one sees you.” Vanna Bonta


One of the first things I do when I get the space and privacy to have time alone, especially in nature with warm sun shining… get naked! 


I’ve done quite a few selfie nudie pics over the years at different times of my life, this one is me without makeup and unedited at 48.5 years old.


This is by far one of the more flattering captures – The body can really change shape when gravity pulls you down! This particular photo doesn’t highlight my cellulite, wrinkles, or grey hair (currently dyed red) or the few barely noticeable stretch marks on my butt.. but! It is unedited, and 100% naturally me.


This nudie Jump for Joy Photo Project photo was inspired by a post about stretch marks in a Target bikini advertisement. 


The post was addressed to all women from all men:

“Dear women – I hope you know how much we (men) adore you as you are.” … “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL inside and out. If you can’t see that, nobody will. Own it.” … and specifically tagged with Kristy Jessica @purerebelmodel. I figured she must be a pretty incredible woman to warrant this kind of public adoration and support, so I checked her out. And I’m so glad I did!


Kristy is indeed an incredible woman! She is a courageous, creative, supportive, and genuine woman who donates 10% of her income to charities, takes time to support, encourage and mentor new models, produced an award winning documentary about becoming a freelance nude model with stretch marks at 5’2. She just celebrated her 7th year of being sober, advocates for the environment, collaborated on a book about nude posing and travels the world doing stunning underwater nude modelling, She’s a videographer and trades stocks to diversify her income!


I have deep respect for anyone who is dedicated to expressing and being themselves, people who lift themselves up beyond what they thought possible, while lifting others up and supporting others at the same time.


Please support Kristy by contributing to her Patron account, so she can continue to shine even brighter. Her willingness to push herself out of her comfort zone and her candid vulnerability has inspired me to share even more of my self, both inside and out.


Uplift yourself, uplift others! Share your joy!



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Please... share the joy :)

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