Chris Denson @Densonology on Joy: “the intersection of a giant smile and the verge of happy tears”

Photo of Chris Denson Jumping for Joy by Eyoalha Baker for the Jump for Joy Photo Project
Photo of Chris Denson Jumping for Joy by Eyoalha Baker for the Jump for Joy Photo Project

This past weekend I had the deep honour and pleasure of taking part in a magical experience called HATCH. I met a vast cross section of 150 incredible, creative and kind hearted people making the world a better place in their own unique ways.

On one of our morning walks, with a small group of these amazing souls, I spontaneously pulled out my camera to capture some joy filled jumping pics. #BecauseofHATCH

Chris Denson sharing the joy:

Q: What inspired you to want to jump for joy?
Being out in nature, elevated in the mountains, after a nice moment of silence during a hike in Montana; I really felt peaceful and happy.

Q. How did jumping photos make you feel?
It’s this great burst of energy that you get to make your all your own. It’s a weird and awkward request at first, but suddenly you’re in the middle of the air. And although only a split second, it makes you feel powerful, fun, and creative all at once.

Q: How do you describe the feeling of joy?
Joy is one of those emotions that makes you feel extremely calm and grateful and puts you somewhere at the intersection of a giant smile and the verge of happy tears.

Q: What is your greatest passion in life?
I recently had to write this down on a piece of paper during a very cool creative retreat called Hatch. Here is where I landed: “To help people realize and increase the potential of their goals; through conversation, ideation, and creation.”

Q: Your driving force?
Competition. I love looking at situation or project and thinking, “what the f**k has no one else even THOUGHT to do in this space.” Which a.) forces me to ask questions and research what’s been done, and b.) pushes me to my highest creative self.

Q: Your life philosophy?
“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will begin to change.” it’s a quote I choose to live everything by. Whether personal, professional, or somewhere in the middle, there’s always a path to higher version of the path you’re currently on. It’s our job to challenge ourselves to think and do differently in order to get there.

Q: What are you working on?
Too much, probably! Right now, I’m working on saying no, more often. I say yes to a lot, and actually love everything I say yes to. But learning when and how to say “no” is a skill in and of itself that can free you up to be excellent in the things you need to focus on.

Q: Something unique about you?
I’m just weird. I don’t know if that counts. But I have a strange sense of humor, and even did stand up comedy for a number of years. I kind of let things fly out of my mouth at awkward moments… well maybe more awkward to those on the receiving end.

“Chris Denson is an award winning innovator, marketer, and adviser. As an industry tastemaker, he helps brands, startups, and executives develop creative solutions at the intersection of technology, content, product innovation, and culture. In addition to leadership roles at organizations like OMD, Machinima, and the American Film Institute, Chris is a member of the White House’s Council of Excellence, the SXSW Accelerator, and the host of the Innovation Crush podcast.”

Connect with Chris:

Twitter: @densonology
Instagram: @densonology
FB page:

HATCH hiking group in joyfull jumping action:

HATCH Group Jump! Photo by Eyoalha for the Jump for Joy Photo Project.
HATCH Group Jump! Photo by Eyoalha for the Jump for Joy Photo Project.

Josie Caton, George Brandt, Matthew Kaplan and Chris Denson – sharing some big sky Hatch jumping joy!

Please... share the joy :)

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