A look back in time, what I was thinking 3 yers ago, stands today @eyoalha

Selfie Jump for joy photo Eyoalha Baker
Selfie Jump for joy photo Eyoalha Baker

Nearly 3 years ago, before I had even imagined I would create the 2 Jump for Joy Photo murals and before I got hooked on Instagram, I filled out my own jump for joy newsletter feature questionnaire which I used to give everyone who jumped with me: http://eepurl.com/y6uOP although a LOT has happened since I answered these questions, my answers remain the same… only
I’ve added more to the scope of what I’ve accomplished and far more what I want to accomplish.

Things I’d like to add to the list of to dos:

1. I’d like to make a book about my experience of creating the Jump for Joy Photo Murals in Vancouvers DTES. This was an incredibly heart opening experience that has inspired me to connect more with people, especially people who are facing hardships in the world. Working on this project in an area where people face homelessness, hunger, drug addiction, mental illness and abuse deepened my compassion, and gave me a first hand experience of the effects of sharing joyful images in an area that really needed it. I want to create more projects that use joy to connect people, inspire joy and involve people and communities from all walks of life.

2. I’ve now done 3 public speaking events about the amazing impact sharing joy has had on me and the people I’ve shared the experience with. This was an incredible feat for me as I was literally terrified of public speaking. The best thing about facing your fears, is that they feel less and less terrifying every time. In fact, once I got out there, I had so much fun that I want to do more!

3. I’d love to do a video of people jumping for joy to music! This would be fun.

4. I’ve learned that being open to new ideas, trying new things (especially that scare me) and collaborating with others as much as possible opens whole new worlds of possibilities. I’m always on the look out for the next cool thing or way of sharing joy that I haven’t thought of yet 🙂

It feels really good to look back and be proud of the answers I gave and reminds me of why I set out to create this project in the first place 🙂

It felt good to take a moment to reflect today… Am I doing what I love? Am I challenging myself to try new things? Where do I want to go from here? These questions get me excited about all the possibilities to come.

Enjoy your day!

With love, Eyoalha


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