THRIVE studio creates community for Vancouver artists

I will be presenting an Artist Talk at Thrive Art Studios on March 30th, read about the drive behind Thrive Studios in this Loose Lips Magazine write up.

Jumping selfie by Eyoalha Baker. Artist Talk at Thrive Art Studio.

By Alli Hayes

Jamie Smith opens the door to THRIVE art studio, revealing its oak wood floors, succulents resting cozily between artwork and paintbrushes, and bright windows that overlook the buzzing heart of Mount Pleasant. After walking into the serene setting of THRIVE, it’s no shock that this serene space is a product of positive inspiration of Vancouver’s artist community, in particular the female mavericks.

“THRIVE is trying to foster this supportive community for females that can then push out work that shows that it’s full and rich; it’s a place for female artists to meet, connect, and learn from one another,” explains Smith.

“I do feel that women artists operate differently, and this studio can offer as a place to go once a month just to check in and keep going, which I know I need.”

Smith’s talents are multi-faceted, with a background in fine arts and a…

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