A dip in the archives with a little jumping joy from Sierra Tasi Baker

Photo by Eyoälha Baker www.jumpforjoyphotoproject.com
Photo by Eyoälha Baker http://www.jumpforjoyphotoproject.com

Sierra Tasi Baker

Q.What was your experience doing the jumping photos?
Awesome, the sun peeked out from the Vancouver clouds just long enough for us to do our shoot. Felt just like a wonderful sunny day with an excuse (well you never really need one) to jump around!

Q: What inspires you in life?
A: Creation, everything creative and collaborative. There’s so much for me to still explore out there and that excites me.

Q: What is your greatest passion?
A: Art, creating, collaborating. I love to draw, write, dance, perform, paint, sculpt, model, everything!

Q: What is your driving force?
A: There has been an unnamed force pushing me towards something, and I suspect that force is curiosity. I feel so much drive and ambition, it’s definitely taking me somewhere but I’m not sure where exactly. I’m enjoying the ride!

Q: What is your philosophy?
A: If my heart can conceive it and my mind can believe it, it can be done.

Connect with Sierra
Twitter: @SierraTasiBaker
Instagram: @sierratasibaker
Facebook: Sierra Tasi Baker

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