Storm left a little mark on the mural too, repairs already being arranged

Photo damage to mural from the storm by Eyoälha Baker
Photo damage to mural from the storm by Eyoälha Baker

We had a few days of intense rain and wind here in Vancouver over the weekend. The storm tore up trees and left many people without power for several days. Once things settled down I went out to check on the Wall of Joy mural and found that a couple of the posters mid way up on the side of the mural had started to come loose – they since have peeled down. The rest of the mural seems to have held up quite well through the storm 🙂

Im now in the process of arranging to replace these two posters. It’s a bit of a process as they are at least 30 ft high. I’ve already had the posters reprinted but also need to put them together and before I can put them up I will need good weather, to rent a scissor lift (they don’t deliver on the weekend), to get the ok from Impark (and maybe the City too.. checking into it) before I can do anything (I may also need to get insurance first). Im hoping to have this all arranged and the repairs done before the opening event next week.

The opening event will be a community BBQ at the mural (located at the corner of Abbott and West Pender Street). We will be there between 4-6pm. Stop by if you can and say hello.

Have a wonderful day! Hire Eyoalha for a photo shoot email:

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