#jumpforjoyphoto Mural update Aug. 6, 2013 – Ready to go… BUT 4 days of rain are around the corner #mural #jumpforjoy #gastown #dtes

Photos by Eyoalha Baker
Photos by Eyoalha Baker


Im all ready to go! I have the posters ready, the lift ready, I’ve patched the largest holes in the wall, scraped down pealing paint and hammered down and removed rusted shards of metal and nails from the wall.. it’s a minor fix up job on a wall that needs major repairs.

However, I’ve made the decision to hold off on putting up the posters until next week as the forecast calls for rain 4 days straight as of Saturday. This is a tough decision as Im dying to get started. But, I don’t want to get half the mural up then have it rain for 4 days without being water proofed first.

So, I wait until the sun comes back next week… if the forecast is correct, my start date for the mural will be Wednesday 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

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