It’s Bianca Solterbeck @b_solterbeck celebrating Canada! @itsthattalkshow #jumpforjoy #canada #flag

Photo by Eyoälha Baker
Photo by Eyoälha Baker

The absolutely stunning and loads of fun Miss Bianca Solterbec jumped for joy at magic hour on the green roof of Coal Harbour’s Cactus Club. Bianca is jumping with the Canadian flag because it’s Canada Day today! Her family immigrated to Canada from Germany when she was 6 years old and she is celebrating having the opportunity to grow up as a Canadian… (she will be featured soon, sign up for the newsletter to learn more about Bianca 🙂

So many photos turned out beautifully from this shoot it will be difficult choosing which one to put on the Jump for Joy Photo mural…

Assuming I get all the funds in the next two weeks, I will begin work on the 18,000 sq ft mural in the beginning of August.

Time is passing by fast, please help me make the massive wall of JOY…

make a pledge of any amount here.

Have an amazing day!

Please... share the joy :)

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