Samantha Skelly @samanthaskelly #jumpforjoyphoto of the day! @hforhappiness May 31, 2015

Photo by Eyoälha Baker
Photo by Eyoälha Baker

A bundle of jumping joy, Samantha was recently a Jump for Joy Feature… here it is again in case you missed it the first time around: March 30, 2015 – Jump for Joy! Featuring Samantha Skelly also take a look at my jumping shoot with her in action on GO West Coast TV with Dunia Tozy

The mural in the video has since been removed… BUT 🙂 I am now in the process of creating a new, even bigger Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural – about twice the size of the first one! This is a massive undertaking and I will need all the help and support I can get to make it happen.

Dunia has kindly offered to help make a video for the Kickstarter campaign. We will be filming tomorrow along with my partners on the project, Atira Womens Resource Society.

I will begin fundraising to create the mural within the week – as soon as the video is ready to go. Any help you can offer from donations to sharing the news will be greatly appreciated ❤ I will keep you posted as things progress!

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