An email from Joe Carlson about the #Vancouver #JumpforJoyPhoto #Mural @eyoalha

I received this touching email yesterday from a fellow named Joe Carlson. I went by to see what had been done…

They did a great job of pasting back pieces that had started to peel off due to water damage…. I am very appreciative of whoever took the time to voluntarily repair the water damaged areas pealing off the wall.

Thank you Amalia and whoever your friends are that did the work…

Joe gave me permission to share his lovely email with you, please take a moment to look through his wonderful photographs here:


Hello Eyoalha;

My name is Joe Carlson, at the end of January, I was downtown and found your amazing mural. I ended up at the mural twice in 3 days.I hung around and got some cool shots of your mural, people in the lane and the 2 gentlemen sprucing up your mural.

I posted my photos on Facebook, people were surprised at where the mural was and thought it was a great idea and very cool…

I just thought you would like to know that your work was appreciated.

I did not attach the photos that I took , I thought it would be easier for you to see them at my website:

This is what I said on Facebook:

“I was downtown on January 26th to do some street photography and found this mural in a lane off of Main and Pender. I stayed for a while and took some photos of the mural and some people. I saw that it was called the Jump for Joy photo project. I noticed that some of the mural was peeling away from the wall of the building. (this comment will make sense in a moment) I went on line to find out what the project was, this is what it says:

“Completed August 4, 2014: 32 ft high by 114 ft wide Jump for Joy Photo Mural in the lane way of 161 East Pender Street, Vancouver BC Canada. The mural is a compilation of photos of almost 200 people jumping for joy in different parts of Vancouver. The photos have been enlarged to 4×4 ft. and printed on 11×17 sheets cut and pasted together, then pasted to the wall.”

On January 28th I was back downtown and was walking by the mural and noticed a workman on a ladder fixing the mural. I spoke to the gentleman holding the ladder and found he was a friend of the person who owned the building. They were there volunteering to do some repairs to the mural. I stayed for a while talking and taking some photos. They were still working when I left. I just thought it was a cool little story that evolved by visiting the same place twice over 3 days. It’s amazing who you meet when wandering and how creative and talented people are….”

Take care, Joe


Thank you joe! 🙂

Please... share the joy :)

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