Some heart food for the day – An anonymous letter

An anonymous letter I came across on a friends facebook page … some heart food for the day:

“We are all the same. We are all made up of the same matter, the same energy. Your power is as great and boundless as each other person on this planet. When we are born, we forget where we came from, we forget how sacred we are, how beautiful. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and reconnect with your eternal self; she is there, she always was, is and shall be. She is you.

This ride we are here to experience, the ride of life, is full of challenges, disappointments and hurt. It is also full of love, joy, happiness and grace. All of these experiences of the ‘ride’ balance out. We need the dark with the light – the wheel of life. We must experience all these forces so we can grow and start to remember who we are again. You are eternal, like the universe – and powerful (that’s the part we forget). You can see and feel the balance of all things in life. The balance is always there.. embrace it, surrender to it, celebrate it.

Remember you are (like everyone else) an eternal soul. You are blessed with free will. This is your greatest gift while you are here on this planet. Whatever you think whatever it is, will be real for you. Your thoughts are that powerful. They shape your experience of life. Keep creating, you will see.

I’m like you. I struggle like you. I feel what you feel. I will think of you everyday when I wake. I will remind myself that we are connected and I am not alone. We can embrace this ride of life, with all the ups and downs if we remember who we are and that we are together. We are powerful, beautiful, sacred and connected.
You are not alone my dear friend. You are loved. Let’s ride.”


Please... share the joy :)

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