Selfie Jump for joy photo by me (Eyoalha:) June 28, 2014

Selfie jumpin photo by Eyoälha Baker
Selfie jumping photo by Eyoälha Baker

I was feeling like creating some photos and had no one lined up to photograph the other day, so I started looking for somewhere to do some selfie jumping photos and came across this power line in a clearing in North Vancouver. I’ve always called these **I don’t know how to spell it and cant find it on google because its probably a Native American word from people we would visit, in either New Mexico or Arizona… we always called them AVaChe Dancers. If this makes sense to anyone please contact me.

Sometimes the least likely places provide an interesting backdrop… so I did a series of selfie jumping photos here. It was fun!

One of my dreams in life is to remove every telephone pole and piece of barbed wire from the land. It drains so much energy the way. What if we just learn how to telecomunicate and develop night vision? Then we wont have to destroy and exploit the earth. Easy solution.

Enjoy your day today.. get out and play! #joyispower #shineyourlightbright #sacredlands

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