the kind of person you would truly enjoy being with…

“Be the kind of person you would truly enjoy being with. Do the kinds of things you’d love to see in others. The way to experience good and valuable things in this world is to first cultivate those good and valuable things within yourself. What you encounter in life depends on the way you are. Genuinely friendly and helpful people meet a lot of other friendly, helpful people. Loving, caring, creative and generous people encounter many other loving, caring, creative and generous people. When you’re the one to start the ball rolling, you can roll it in any direction you choose. Live your highest values, consistently and without compromise, and by your very example you’ll spread those good values far and wide. Don’t waste your time complaining about someone else’s questionable behavior. Make the choice to overwhelm that negative behavior with your own sincerely positive behavior. How would you live if you were sure that life would follow your lead? Live that way, and you will in fact be making life that way too.” — Ralph Marston


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