hang out with a wide range of people…

“Try to hang out with a wide range of people – who have different views and interests, outlooks and beliefs, personalities, goals, plans, hopes and dreams. Let them help you to discover hidden parts of who you are – that you haven’t been able to embrace before. Then give yourself permission to step outside the box and, perhaps, be someone different from who you thought you were.”Positivity


  1. Beautiful. Through differences we can discover so much about our selves and we need to treat difference like we treat anything else. Give it the same love and respect. Thank you for this post. Awesome!


  2. I try to live like that every day. I love having friends from all over the world – with different ethnicities, cultures, religious and political views, gender, etc. – the more types of people I meet, the richer my life experience is. Bill Nye (The Science Guy) said, “Everybody you know, knows something you don’t.” I can always learn something new from somebody else, and seek to improve who I am as a person.


  3. This is one of the things I try to do, though I’ve never seen it put so eloquently. My friends range from ultra-conservative Christians to ridiculously liberal pagans and a variety of everything else, from race and religion to relationship/sexual preference. My life is MUCH better for the variety.


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