Jumping to conclusions, jumping out the window or jumping for joy?

Today I am happy to share this wonderful guest post by Arminda Arsoi, a positive psychotherapy consultant from Romania. Enjoy!

Jumping to conclusions, jumping out the window or jumping for joy?

Jumping for joy, well that’s another story…

I remember when I was a kid jumping like a grasshopper in my parents’ bed. It was so much fun that I didn’t stop till I smashed my head to the side of the bed and cut open my eyebrow.
I gave my parents an adrenaline flood, I gave myself an amnesia and a mark for life. Which I proudly wear now as a proof of my joyful childhood!

I think we all agree that kids are more joyful than adults and they have a better knowledge about what they need to do to get some joy when adults bore them. Science shows that kids smile 400 times per day while most adults smile approximately 20 times a day. When we smile the brain receives signals from the muscles used and encodes the gesture as happiness, which leads to creating authentic feelings of happiness.

I say we should take kids as an example and smile at last 3 times an hour!

What do you think happens when we jump?

In my opinion it’s great to feel you have nothing under your feet, to be a half a meter closer to the sun and sky, to kid yourself you can levitate or fly. Even for only half a second. It surely is spirit lifting for me!

With lack of scientific evidence I dare to advise you to jump for joy at least 3 times a day! 🙂

Research shows that smiles are contagious. When we see someone smiling, we feel like smiling back. And even if we don’t smile back, we have some mico-muscles that move involuntarily. Our brain records the micro-movements and makes us feel happier.

I don’t know what the effects of jumps are, but wouldn’t it be fun to see people jumping on the streets like kangaroos in the wild? It would definitely make my day different! As there’s nothing I hate more than routine, I insist: Let’s jump for a different perspective! Let’s jump for joy!

Arminda Arsoi
positive psychotherapy consultant


  1. I totally agree. Children are so exuberant!! I miss those carefree days! But this is a good reminder to be thankful for moments of joy.


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