Death and Joy? – Guest blog post by Laurel L. Lewis

I have decided to invite some friends of mine to write guest blog posts with their own perspectives and experiences of JOY.

I think it will be really beautiful to share some different views and relationships to JOY in peoples lives, in the work they choose, and in the art they create. I will post a guest blogger at least once a month to add to the JOY of my site.

My first guest blogger is my dear friend Laurel who is an incredibly beautiful human being doing some very important work in the world, she is bringing to topic of death to the table with a loving and open heart.

Please enjoy her words and check out her links.

Photo of Laurel L. Lewis by Eyoälha Baker
Photo of Laurel L. Lewis by Eyoälha Baker

Death and Joy?

I’ve been working in the field of death and dying for over 15 years. I’ve seen hundreds of people die and have counseled thousands of families through the dying process.

Some of the most beautiful expressions I have ever had the privilege of witnessing have come around the death bed.

In those final days there is no pretense, no mask, no energy for keeping it together. I get to see someone. I really get to see them. All of them. The fears, doubts, regrets, pain, sadness, confusion. All of that comes up. But I also get to see Joy!

I see faith, courage, reconciliation, love, forgiveness, laughter, connection.
I get to see it all on the deathbed! All of life.

This brings me great joy! It’s a privilege for me to be a witness and to help patients and their loved ones have a more grace filled death and dying process.

Being exposed to death gives me such a rich and clear perspective on this precious life.
I wish everyone could know that Joy!


Laurel L. Lewis
Coach, Consultant, Transition Specialist BSN, RN, MA

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“Life is short…be swift to love, make haste to be kind” ~ Henri Amiel

Please... share the joy :)

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