Happy to be featured in On Purpose Magazine today :)

On Purpose Magazine
On Purpose Magazine

I recently came came across On Purpose Magazine and thought it would be wonderful to be associated with this website. On Purpose Magazine was created by RW Najarian in hopes of bringing valuable, interesting, intriguing, irreverent, inspiring, enlightening, educational, entertaining and powerful audio, video and written content of cause and purpose to the web. And I feel it does just that.

Take a moment to brows through his blog and you will find links and interviews to many interesting and inspiring people doing great things in the world. Thank you RW for your interest in my project and for allowing me to share about my work on your site.

Here is the link to my article, I hope you enjoy it: http://onpurposemagazine.com/2013/03/22/eyoalha-baker-photo-project-on-jumping-for-joy/


  1. It is a great pleasure for On Purpose Magazine to point out such a great project. As you can imagine I get a ton of stuff sent to me to check out, but your photo project stood out as it is such a simple idea that has an incredible meaning and power. Power to bring us together with the central them of Joy.

    I was reminded by the photos that you posted of so many wonderful people all jumping for joy, that we cannot find joy, or work toward it. Instead we must choose it in every waking moment.

    Thank you for all you are doing and I look forward to following your story as you travel abroad.


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