the greatest gift I’ve ever received or given…

“Oh life, your pages are always turning, chapters ending and new ones beginning, beautiful souls walk in and out. Loving mySelf is the greatest gift I’ve ever received or given. Life, at times you are hard and sometimes like a gentle breeze… I love how you go on even when I need to breathe… Life, thank you for the treasures buried in the moments and for those big outlandish out loud colorful gifts. Thank you for the clever ways you show me and guide me in ways that only I can understand. Thank you life for reminding me of the perfection that I am with the reflections in the breeze and in the trees. And of course thank you for the beautiful bees. I love you life… Even when I’m ready to drop it all. I love you for showing up day after day as another opportunity for me to love mySelf more. Thank you life for holding me, loving me and romancing me…. You treat me like a queen. And I thank you.” – Honeybee Henderson

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