Last self-portrait jump for joy photo for 2012!

self-portrait photo by Eyoälha Baker

I took this jumping photo while walking along the seawall in Yaletown, Vancouver BC Canada when the fall leaves were vibrant with rich colours of reds, oranges and yellows. Nature is inspiring. It reminds me to live vibrantly.

I wish you all the courage to life and enjoy your life to your fullest potential, to follow your dreams with passion and joy… and I hope you have a lot of fun and lough a lot this year too!

Happy New Year!

With love, Eyoälha


  1. I really love your photos! You know that motion affects your emotions, so I can imagine that even jumping and making these joyful exhilarating poses must help you feel more joyful! Plus it’s such a powerful message very beautifully passed! Way to go! And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.


  2. Eyoalha,

    You are actually inspiring……every time I see a jump, read your posts I think of making my life different.
    All the best for 2013,


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