Jump for joy photo of the day – Lilou Mace! September 29, 2012

Lilou’s jumping joy! Photo by Eyoälha Baker

What an incredibly fun jumping photo shoot with the stunning and passion filled Lilou Mace who is in Hawaii (and travelling the world) doing empowering, joyful interviews, infused with love for her amazing Juicy Living Tour.

We started with jumps overlooking a beach on the ledge of a cliff then climbed down, what seemed like endless stairs, to a top-secret beach location where we did more fun jumps with lots of laughing and waves crashing… she is amazing 🙂 I love her, we bonded instantly and I have no doubt a great friendship has been born…

After some more jumping around on the beach, we casually lounged across some lava rocks by the ocean as she interviewed me about Jump for Joy! photo project for her super inspiring online TV show LILOU MACE WEB TV YOUTUBE 🙂

Such a great day… and of course, it just kept getting better.. we climbed back up the endless stairs and did MORE jumping photos with another friend named Zander during the sunset…. AMAZING… photos coming soon 🙂

Lilou and me. Self portrait photo by Eyoälha Baker


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