The opportunity for fun… Quote

“Don’t keep trying to go outside yourself searching for something that’s fun. It’s not out there anywhere. It’s inside. The opportunity for fun is in your own energy system – your synergy of heart and mind. That’s where you’ll find it… Get into those energizing chemicals in your system that get activated when you laugh… or sing… or dance… or run… or hug someone. When you’re having fun, your body chemistry changes and you get new biochemical surges of motivation and energy.” – Steve Chandler

JUMP for joy! and create some fun 😉 Anyone who has done a jump photo shoot with me will likely agree that jumping for joy creates adrenalin and gets the energy moving around.. I have just as much fun taking the photos as I do jumping. I often end up just as sweaty (or more sweaty) and adrenaline pumped than the people at the end of the jump shoot. Major fun for sure.

Please... share the joy :)

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