Jump photo of the day – GOING COASTAL! August 8, 2012

Going Coastal.. Everything is Going to be Alright! Photo by Eyoälha Baker

Yesterday I did an incredibly fun jump shoot with some of the members from the Going Coastal running group, on an office building located in Chinatown in Vancouver, BC. Canada.

Going Coastal is a collection of 10+ would be runners participating in a gruelling 230km six day footrace through the jungle, over mountains, across volcanoes and along the coastline of Costa Rica.

Their goal is to raise $230,000 for imagine1day so that the leaders of tomorrow will receive their tools today.

Imagine1day is a growing, global community of people making passionate contributions to ensure every child in Ethiopia receives a quality education.

A great cause and a great group of people, doing great things in the world.


Have a fantastic day!


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