Afternoon jumping joy photo!

JC Seymour snow pool joy jump! Photo by Eyoälha Baker

This is another oldie from 2008.. This is not white sand, its snow! This jumping joy photo was taken on a hot spring day while hiking with friends on Seymour Mountain in North Vancouver, BC Canada..

Enjoy the rest of your day and have a great weekend!


    1. i bailed from FB (too many “family” weirdnesses to try not to insult anybody) — so i am at other places, including wordpress. am trying to send your site a couple “jumping” photos you should get a chuckle out of.


      1. Thank you for wanting to share your images with me.. but my jumping photo project is made up entirely of photos I have taken except for a couple which are of me. I created the fb page for people like yourself who want to share their own jumping images with me. For this reason I am not posting images sent to me on my site. Thanks again for your desire to share and if you change your mind about fb you are more than welcome to share there have a great day!


  1. okay. i’m (maybe ’cause i’m addle-braynulated rite now, having hopped on a bike at midnite to chase fire-engines to check on a fire a mile aweigh frum my house) — but i’ll try to send you a couple “jump for joy” pixures, also historical/hysterical, but aren’t … exactly … jumping.


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