PUNKT! – the Jumping off Point

I have decided that the theme of the day, thanks to the learn German card made by my friends over at the transatlantic diablog will be: PUNKT! the German word for: jumping-off point which is defined as – “a beginning from which an enterprise is launched; the act of starting something.” The Online Free Dictionary

Self-portrait. Photo by Eyoälha Baker

I am sure we have all been there at one point or another.. that point when its time to face your greatest fears (usually wonderfully exaggerated in our own mind) and make the jump in to the unknown. You know its time, everything has led up to this point and then finally, peering off over the cliff at the cold water below, its time to decide weather or not to jump in.

At least that was one of my fears I faced about 20+ years ago… I have never been a very strong swimmer so jumping off a cliff back then was quite a big deal for me. I chose to face my fear back then and decided to jump of a small cliff while travelling through Greece for the first time. Luckily, the water is so incredibly buoyant in the Ionian sea that its actually difficult to sink so it was the perfect conditions to encourage me to make the choice to jump in. Of course it ended up being a blast and I loved it so much I jumped in several more times.

Subsequently, I am far more comfortable in the water and have jumped off many a cliff since then, including the little tiny rock in my self-portrait above which I took on my last trip to Greece. This time, 20 years after my initial cliff jump, it was hard to imagine having any fear at all about jumping in… even when I scraped my knees a few times after balancing my little point and shoot camera on rocks on the beach, setting the timer, running into the sea, wading through the water, and climbing the craggy rocks to try and get the shot of me jumping off… quite a feat if I don’t say so myself. So, I know the quality of the image is bad but the memory and experience of attmpting to get the shot was priceless.

These days it seems that I have been at the Punkt aka the jumping off point at every turn and it has actually become one of my favourite places to be because although it may be uncomfortable at times, I know it means I am really living, learning, growing and creating the life I want to live. This point in life is exciting to me because I know that the moment I make the choice to jump I am creating the powerful momentum to manifest anything I want in my life.

This desire to jump in has always been one of my greatest strengths especially during the past fem months while creating the Jump for Joy! Photo Project. I have been using these challenges that pop up here and there to my advantage as a way to grow and to stretch myself – as my friend Anna would say – as a person and in all levels and areas of my life. I find that when I push myself into the places that feel the most challenging, or a bit uncomfortable I can access insights about myself that open me up to bigger and better things, and in the end I am always glad I went through it and took the leap of faith and jumped in.

So jump in! The sun is shining and the water is warm and inviting 🙂

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