One more time! Jumping Photos!

Awesome jumpers! Photo by Eyoälha Baker

Ok, so today was another amazing day of jumping photos! And it just got better and better.. it started out wih a really fun shoot with Mark Hildreth (tomorrows jump of the day! and upcoming Newsletter feature – look fot it!)

and THEN! We met these two amazingly kind and charming gentlemen who joined in on the jumping fun!

I think I might have fallen a little in love with them, they were so sweet.. in fact they were selling candy to raise money for their school. And, as it turns out they were AMAZING jumpers. It was so much fun that after Mark left I stayed and did more jumping photos with Faicon and Andrew.

We got some amazing shots! … even better than this one! but I chose one you cant see their faces as I am waiting for them to send their signed model release forms from their parents/guardians.

Send them in boys! I want to post more! Thanks so much for sharing your joy 🙂

Please... share the joy :)

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