Jumping over the “Upper Limit”

One of my favourite pics of myself jumping for joy in Arrillas, Greece .. toes just touching down… Photo by Esra Inal

Jumping is a perfect metaphor for life.

Those ups and downs, ebbs and flows we all encounter learning, loving and economically. The grounded steps leading up to the jump are the groundwork and preparation for lift off, the moments of elevation and joy while suspended in the air are the moments in life when it all comes together and everything in life seems to be too good to be true, then as quickly as you were up you descend to the ground again.

There have been times where I have misunderstood that feeling of coming down off the high point of the jump, over the past couple of years I have been learning that touching ground is a necessary part of life in order to prepare for the next peak, and to be able to jump even higher.

Yesterday I read an article called, “Do you have an Upper Limit Problem?” by Marie Forleo that put this “down” point into a new perspective for me. The gist of the article is that we all have a subconscious predetermined level of success we set for ourselves that we subconsciously sabotage when we are about to break it.

Marie says:

“Each of has an internal thermometer for how much success, wealth, happiness, love, and intimacy we’ll let ourselves experience. That’s our upper limit setting. Kind of like our success comfort zone.

When we exceed our internal thermostat setting and life gets super duper OMG good (we have an influx of money, get healthy and thin, find a great relationship) – we unconsciously do things to sabotage ourselves, so we can drop back to the old, familiar place where we feel in control.

Upper limit problems can manifest like this. You’ve just had a huge win and then you… get in an accident, break a limb, fry your computer, over-drink, over-eat, over-spend, start a fight with your significant other, get really sick, etc.”

A few points of advise from Marie that stood out for me about dismantling your “Upper Limit Problems”:

Be aware that this happens, pay attention to your thoughts and actions (especially when things are going perfectly).

enjoy and appreciate everything about where you are at the moment.

Pay attention to your words and actions. Make sure they reflect what you WANT not what you don’t want.

– “ask yourself, “How much wealth, love and happiness am I r-e-a-l-l-y willing to have?

Read the article here: http://marieforleo.com/2010/08/upper-limit-problem/#ixzz1xgjeQ37R”


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