Co-creation Jumping Photo Session

Eyoalha Back in Action with a bung foot…. photo by Tony Butler

If you are able to look close enough in my sunglasses, you can see Stefany jumping for joy and Tony taking my photo.

This was such a fun photo session at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles. Im testing out taking photos with my sprained ankle… and I’m happy to say it went very well. It’s still sore but during the session I had so much adrenalin that I didn’t notice the pain or swelling so much until I was done. We had a tonnes of fun and got some really great jumping picks.

I think the best part of this photo session was that Tony Butler is an extremely talented and skilled professional photographer in Los Angeles and we co-created the images… He gave me some pointers on lighting (my technical skill in photography is next to none, I love to do it and learning as I go) AND he let me use his extremely fast professional quality Nikon Camera with a super wide fisheye lens to take the jumping photos, which he will be editing for me with photoshop (I usually use i-photo). I can’t wait to share the results tomorrow. I also took some of the jumping photos with my Canon EOS 550 camera which also turned out fantastically.

I even attempted a couple of one footed jumping picks while leaning on a railing and holding onto my cousin Stefany. They turned out pretty good too… will post more pics from this shoot soon. I just couldn’t not do at least a couple of jumping picks, even with a bung ankle.. it’s just so much fun!

Photo of Eyoälha Baker taking jumping photos by Tony Butler

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